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JIK JugendInterKult e.V.

Gregor Schröder

Tel + 49 1636 33 55 35


Am Köppekreuz 21

53225 Bonn

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Here, we will always keep you updated with regard to our projects and international youth exchanges in future.

A professional English version will be compiled soon. However, this is a huge effort in view of the many texts. By the end of September, perhaps even earlier, it will then be possible to read all texts relating to the association and its activities on our homepage in English.

We will also be present on Facebook soon. Due to vacation, we will begin with this only after the summer holidays in North-Rhine Westphalia.

As of September 2016, we will publish the newsletter approximately every two months. You can use the form in the left column to order it from us.

If you want to participate in our Trips 2017 do not forget to register for these as soon as possible, as there are only a limited number of free spaces (maximum 14-18), in addition to the tour guide. You can find the current status in the registration form for these trips.

Since the summer holidays have already begun in NRW, the entire team of the Board of the Association wish you happy holidays.

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