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Planned JIK-Trips 2018 continued

Israel-Jordan-Palestine · NRW autumn holidays

In 2018 we are also planning the continuation of the very successful Israel-Palestine-Jordan-Trip, namely always during the NRW autumn holidays (presumably 12.10. -  28.10. 2018).

Moscow, Budapest, Prague, Krakow · NRW Easter holidays, Easter holidays

Insofar as we can find appropriate youth organisations and common meeting dates, as well as contact partners on site, who can help in organising such a trip and master the language of the country, we would also like as of 2018, to offer trips to e.g. Moscow, Budapest, Prague and Krakow. Possible dates for this could for example be the NRW Easter holidays (24.03. – 08.04. 2018) or the NRW Whitsun holidays (18.05. – 28.05. 2018).

JIK-Trips in the NRW summer holidays

The NRW summer holidays (13.07 – 28.08. 2018) could likewise also be used for JIK trips, this however depends on the response to the JIK-Trips in 2017. In addition, grants must be requested for all trips with different facilities, often 1 year in advance.

However, you can also influence the future trip structure by indicating specific travel dates and times (but only during the NRW school holidays), by e-mail. If you are in contact with suitable youth organisations (for young people aged 16 or over), or contacts who can assist with the organisation of such a trip or can even accompany them and can easily communicate in this country, please contact us as soon as possible. We will then promptly contact you or the contact.

Insofar as enough participants (usually 16-20 persons between 16 and 25 years incl. 2 tour guides) register promptly for such a trip (with fixed pre-reservations and personal introduction by e-mail), we will endeavour to organise such a trip and to apply for the necessary subsidies.

We are looking forward to your suggestions!

Gregor Schröder

Chairman and Trip Head

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