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JIK JugendInterKult e.V.

Gregor Schröder

Tel + 49 1636 33 55 35


Am Köppekreuz 21

53225 Bonn

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We welcome any kind of support from you!

In addition to highly welcome donations and new members, we definitely need more volunteers, who can reinforce the Board of the Association – in any given function, however e.g. also as spokesperson or who would like to contribute to the various artistic projects as well as in the planned extensive and diverse refugee work.

You can of course also contribute your own project ideas or participate in the planning of the trips, as of 2018 onwards, in accordance with your (e.g., linguistic) competences, with regard to specific trip destinations.

Do not hesitate to simply contact us by sending us your message.

Nehmen Sie einfach Kontakt mit uns auf, indem Sie uns Ihre Nachricht senden.

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Become a volunteer

I am interested in the activities of JugendInterKult e.V. and would like to work on a voluntary basis. Please contact me for a communicative exchange.

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