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Refugee work

We will of course continue our hitherto refugee work – for example in the area of individual support and experiential education. We also want to start intercultural projects with Germans and unaccompanied refugees up to 27 years as of autumn 2016 at various locations in the Sankt Augustin – Leverkusen area.

We are in this regard still on the lookout for sponsors and employees.

Even though the number of refugees, who are coming to Germany, has now considerably reduced, the integration of young male refugees (also in the labour market) remains a central and long-term task, especially since their asylum procedures are often not yet concluded. They suffer due to a lack of future prospects.

Such joint projects e.g. in the areas of media, visual art, etc., can however through the realisation of larger objects in cooperation with companies or crafts strengthen mutual understanding and trust.

We also want to offer game afternoons and various creative offers, such as painting campaigns, at individual, suitable refugee accommodations.

With this project work, we want to improve the social and communicative competence of the members of the target group, as well as to support their own initiative, self-esteem, creativity, teamwork, organisation and social commitment, as well as their ability to recognise their own strengths and weaknesses and to use this in their career.