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welcome · salām · schalom · hos geldiniz · serdecznie witamy · fogadtatás · ahoj · kalos órisate · dobro pozhalovat · namaste!

Welcome to the intercultural youth exchange and projects of JIK!


Unique encounters for young people in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Crete and Rome in October 2016 (fully-booked) and in 2017! Unbeatable value for money, 16-20 participants only!

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Work with Refugees

We are continuing and intensifying our hitherto existing work with refugees.  Intercultural projects (on integration and media) involving Germans and young refugees are being planned from autumn 2016 in different towns.

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Artistic Projects

From autumn 2016 and 2017 there will be new projects in the fields of theatre, dance, music and art.  Participants are urgently required for individual projects.  Please refer to our current news and the newsletter!

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Jerusalem Felsendom Indische Tanzgruppe Nrityavani Flüchtlingslager Zaatari

Our concern is to inspire enthusiasm for intercultural youth exchange among young adults, namely through regular trips to Israel / Palestine, Jordan, Crete, but also Rome, Istanbul, etc. In the future, we also plan to organise international intercultural youth exchange trips to Budapest, Moscow, Krakow and Prague. Of course, return visits of foreign youth groups also take place through us.

We hereby strive in particular to involve socially and otherwise disadvantaged youth, young migrants and refugees, as well as to support young talent also in the case of our diverse, creative projects in the field of theatre, dance, music and visual arts.

We also provide support in special cases for young war refugees from the Congo, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc.

Of course, return visits of the young people from friendly international youth organisations also take place through us.

We support overseas voluntary work by young people in Palestine, for example in Christian facilities. We thereby also support the private peace project of the international youth centre Tent of Nations of the Christian Palestinian Daoud Nassar, whose motto is "We refuse to be enemies", which is for us a crucial prerequisite for real peace in the Middle East, through donations and regular visits.

We have to this end, on-site together with the artist couple Dietrich / Merten, recently formed their "Angel of Cultures" peace symbol, as a 30-meter-wide work of Land Art made of local stones.

We would be pleased to learn of your interest in our intercultural youth work and of your interest in supporting us, for example, by participating in trips, however also through any form of cooperation.