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JIK JugendInterKult e.V.

Gregor Schröder

Tel + 49 1636 33 55 35


Am Köppekreuz 21

53225 Bonn

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Become a member of JugendInterKult e.V.!

The purpose of the association is to support international youth exchange, intercultural understanding, specifically in the Middle East, development help and artistic projects with youth, integration of young immigrants, refugees as well as socially and otherwise disadvantaged youth.

All donations to the association (including membership fees!) are as donations for charitable purposes, fully tax deductible.


Declaration of membership

I/we herewith declare my/our membership of the JugendInterKult e.V. and acknowledge the statutes of the association.

I/we have taken note of the statutes of the association.

Annual membership fee:

Pupil / student / trainee: €20

Individual member: €40

Spouse / civil partner: €60

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